Muslim Festivals in Canada

Stay informed about Muslim Festivals in Canada with Explore a comprehensive list of Islamic events in Canada with dates, including Shab e Barat, Shab e Miraj, Ramadan, Shab e Qadr, Eid al-Fitr & Eid al-Adha. The dates of these festivals vary each year based on the sighting of the moon.

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Muslim Festivals in Canada

In Canada, Islam is the largest growing religion after Christianity. A wide range of the Muslim population has migrated to Canada for jobs and residential purposes. Canada has a wide variety of nations like Morocco, Egypt, Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Iraq, Pakistan, Syria, and Lebanon.

The Muslim community has a wide range of Mosques and community centers where they gather to pray and celebrate Muslim festivals in Canada without any judgments and racial inequality. The Muslim community of Canada is promoting unity and peace and showing the real picture of Islam.

Festivals in Canada

Muslims in Canada celebrate their Holy month Ramadan with great warmth every year. They arrange Taraweeh prayers, Sehri and Iftar, and give charity for the poor people. Ramadan is considered one of the auspicious and most awaited Muslim Festivals in Canada.

Eid ul Fitr:

Canadian Muslims celebrate their festival Eid ul Fitr which is after Ramadan. On the last day of Ramadan, girls apply henna on their hands and buy new clothes. Mosques in Canada arrange Eid prayers in the morning; arrange breakfast and charity or needy people for the sake of Allah and their inner peace. Eid ul Fitr is one of the most happening and colorful Muslim festivals in Canada.

Eid ul Adha:

The second Eid after Eid ul Fitr is Eid ul Adha which is celebrated at the end of the Islamic month ZulHajj. Muslims of Canada sacrifice animals like goats, sheep, cows, or camels on Eid ul Adha in their respective community centers. Afterward, they distribute meat and arrange parties to gather everyone and promote the message of peace and unity.


Ashura is the day of Shahadah of Our Prophet SAWW grandsons Imam Hussain RA and Hassan RA. Muslims in Canada keep fast on this day and arrange gatherings in memory of Hassan and Hussain (R.A). It is a most sad and respectful day in the history of Islam. This count as the most considerate Muslim festivals in Canada.