Ramadan 2024 in US

This year Ramadan 2024 in US will be on Monday, 11 March 2024. Islamic event offical date is annouced according of country new moon sighting of every Islamic month. Ramadan 2024 US will be celebrated by Muslims around country.

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Event Ramadan
Date 11 March, 2024
Hijri Date 1 Ramadan 1445 AH
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Ramadan 2023 in US

This year Ramadan will be stated from the evening of 22 March 2023 and ending on 21 April 2023

Ramadan 2023 in the United States promises to be a special time for the Muslim community as they come together to observe the holy month of fasting and spiritual reflection. During Ramadan, Muslims abstain from food and drink from sunrise to sunset as a way to purify the body and focus on devotion to God.

In Ramadan 2023 in US, Taraveeh prayer is an important part of Ramadan observances in the US. Taraveeh is a special evening prayer that is going to be performed during the month of Ramadan 2023 in US and is led by an imam (prayer leader) in congregations at mosques or Islamic centers. It typically takes about 20-30 minutes to perform and is usually done after Isha prayer, the fifth and final prayer of the day.

Many mosques and Islamic centers will be hosting Taraveeh prayers during Ramadan 2023 in US, and it's a great opportunity for the community to come together and seek blessings from Allah (SWT). These prayers are usually held in the evenings, and the atmosphere is filled with devotion, spiritual upliftment, and a sense of community.

Many American Muslims are planning to participate in community service and charitable giving in Ramadan 2023 in US. This can include volunteering at homeless shelters, food banks, or other community organizations. Many mosques and Islamic centers in US also host Iftar meals during the month of Ramadan, where community members can come together and break their fast.

Ramadan 2023 in the United States is going to be an important time of the year for American Muslims, and it is celebrated with a mix of religious observances, community gatherings, and charitable acts. The Taraveeh prayers, in particular, provide an opportunity for the community to come together and seek blessings from Allah (SWT) during this holy month.