Shab e Miraj 2024 in US

This year Shab e Miraj 2024 in US will be on Tuesday, 06 February 2024. Islamic event offical date is annouced according of country new moon sighting of every Islamic month. Shab e Miraj 2024 US will be celebrated by Muslims around country.

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Event Shab e Miraj
Date Evening of 06 February, 2024
Hijri Date 27 Rajab 1445 AH
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Shab e Miraj 2023 in US

This year Muslims will celebrate Shab e Miraj on 17 February 2023 in United States

Shab e Miraj comes in the seventh month of the Hiri calendar which is Rajab. On the 27th of Rajab night Muslims can see Shab e Miraj. Not only in Muslim countries but in the USA this will be celebrated with great enthusiasm by Muslims of the USA.

The cities where you find most Muslims celebrate Shab e Miraj are New York(New Jersey), L.A., San Francisco, Philadelphia, Chicago, Houston, and Michigan. These cities are considered Muslim-friendly cities in the US. They celebrate Shab e Miraj every year and anticipated celebrating Shab e Miraj 2023 in the US free from prejudice and racial discrimination; they constructed mosques and community centers.

Muslims of the USA celebrate Shab e Miraj by arranging nafl prayers in their Mosques and community centers. The three most important Mosques and community centers of the USA that celebrates Shab e Miraj are:
• Islamic Center of America, Michigan
• Diyanet Center of America, Maryland
• Mosque Maryam, Chicago

Muslims of the US gather together to worship and gain the blessings of Allah in these mosques. They arrange Durood mehfils in these community centers and a large number of Muslims gather in their nearby Mosques to attend this night’s blessings including women and children. They decorate the Mosques and Muslim graveyards with lights. They also their dead family members in the graveyard and ask for blessings for them from Allah SWT on this night.

You can check the accurate dates of the Islamic calendar of the USA on our page. You can also check Shab e Miraj 2023 in the US date on our page.