Sunan Abu Dawood

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Book Name Sunan Abu Dawood
Writer Imam Abu Dawood
Total Chapters 52
Total Hadith 5274
Chapter No. Name Total Hadith
1 Purification (Kitab Al-Taharah) 390 Hadith
2 Prayer (Kitab Al-Salat) 770 Hadith
3 The Book Of The Prayer For Rain (Kitab al-Istisqa) 37 Hadith
4 Prayer (Kitab Al-Salat): Detailed Rules of Law about the Prayer during Journey 52 Hadith
5 Prayer (Kitab Al-Salat): Voluntary Prayers 121 Hadith
6 Prayer (Kitab Al-Salat): Detailed Injunctions about Ramadan 30 Hadith
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7 Prayer (Kitab Al-Salat): Prostration while reciting the Qur'an 15 Hadith
8 Prayer (Kitab Al-Salat): Detailed Injunctions about Witr 140 Hadith
9 Zakat (Kitab Al-Zakat) 145 Hadith
10 The Book of Lost and Found Items 20 Hadith
11 The Rites of Hajj (Kitab Al-Manasik Wa'l-Hajj) 325 Hadith
12 Marriage (Kitab Al-Nikah) 129 Hadith
13 Divorce (Kitab Al-Talaq) 138 Hadith
14 Fasting (Kitab Al-Siyam) 164 Hadith
15 Jihad (Kitab Al-Jihad) 311 Hadith
16 Sacrifice (Kitab Al-Dahaya) 56 Hadith
17 Game (Kitab Al-Said) 18 Hadith
18 Wills (Kitab Al-Wasaya) 23 Hadith
19 Shares of Inheritance (Kitab Al-Fara'id) 43 Hadith
20 Tribute, Spoils, and Rulership (Kitab Al-Kharaj, Wal-Fai' Wal-Imarah) 161 Hadith
21 Funerals (Kitab Al-Jana'iz) 153 Hadith
22 Oaths and Vows (Kitab Al-Aiman Wa Al-Nudhur) 84 Hadith
23 Commercial Transactions (Kitab Al-Buyu) 90 Hadith
24 Wages (Kitab Al-Ijarah) 155 Hadith
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25 The Office of the Judge (Kitab Al-Aqdiyah) 70 Hadith
26 Knowledge (Kitab Al-Ilm) 28 Hadith
27 Drinks (Kitab Al-Ashribah) 67 Hadith
28 Foods (Kitab Al-At'imah) 119 Hadith
29 Medicine (Kitab Al-Tibb) 49 Hadith
30 Divination and Omens (Kitab Al-Kahanah Wa Al-Tatayyur) 22 Hadith
31 The Book of Manumission of Slaves 43 Hadith
32 Dialects and Readings of the Qur'an (Kitab Al-Huruf Wa Al-Qira'at) 40 Hadith
33 Hot Baths (Kitab Al-Hammam) 11 Hadith
34 Clothing (Kitab Al-Libas) 139 Hadith
35 Combing the Hair (Kitab Al-Tarajjul) 55 Hadith
36 Signet-Rings (Kitab Al-Khatam) 26 Hadith
37 Trials and Fierce Battles (Kitab Al-Fitan Wa Al-Malahim) 39 Hadith
38 The Promised Deliverer (Kitab Al-Mahdi) 12 Hadith
39 Battles (Kitab Al-Malahim) 60 Hadith
40 Prescribed Punishments (Kitab Al-Hudud) 143 Hadith
41 Types of Blood-Wit (Kitab Al-Diyat) 102 Hadith
42 Model Behavior of the Prophet (Kitab Al-Sunnah) 177 Hadith
43 General Behavior (Kitab Al-Adab) 502 Hadith

Sunan Abu Dawood is compiled by Imam Abu Dawood Sulayman. It has 43 books and 5274 Hadith of Prophet SAWW are present in it. These books have guidance about lost and found items, Divorce, marriage, voluntary prayers, Sajda in Quran recitation, and more.

Although Abu Dawood gathered 50,000 hadith, he only assembled 4,800 of them in his book As-Sunan, which he taught in Baghdad and other significant towns at the time. You can download the Sunan Abu Dawood pdf and Sunan Abu Dawood pdf English and Urdu versions on our website.

Sunan Abu Dauwood's collection is broken up into three distinct sections. The majority of the traditions in the first section are also referenced in the publications of Sahih Muslim and Sahih Bukhari.

The second section comprises those traditions that adhere to the standards set out by Imam Muslim and Imam Bukhari. It does not imply, however, that the Hadith given in the second half is untrue. The selection and compilation process took twenty-one years.

Imam Abu Dawood made the decision to travel in order to visit all the well-known traditions of the era before he began assembling his collection. He learned a lot by asking them for assistance. He also learned about trustworthy publications that cited customs.

In order to determine if the hadith was trustworthy or not, he traveled extensively during the collection process to meet the source of the hadith. This book's topics include ways to purify you, Zakat, prayer, making pledges, sayings from Prophet Muhammad SAWW about Paradise, marriage, divorce, fasting, and much more.

Sunan Abu Dawood has translated into too many languages. You can download the Sunan Abu Dawood Urdu version in pdf or you can read Sunan Abu Dawood online chapters on our website to gain benefits in your life according to Hadith Qudsi and Hadith Sharif.

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