Today Zawal Time in Strabla

Jun 19, 2024 (13 Dhulhijja 1445), Today Zawal Time in Strabla starts at 11:25 AM and ends at 12:29 PM. Makrooh or sunrise in Strabla start time is 04:02 AM and end time is 04:17 AM. Check accurate Zawal time in Strabla, makrooh and sunrise time to avoid praying at this time.

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Zawal Time

Start Time: 11:25 AM

End Time: 12:29 PM

Sun Rise

Start Time: 04:02 AM

End Time: 04:17 AM

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Zawal time in Strabla

Zawal time in Strabla is a time that prohibits any salah or Islamic prayers. The zawal time varies from country to country as per the sunrise and sunset. Prayer timings are given much importance in Islam. They all have specific timings that follow sunset and sunrise. All the five salah prayers are followed by sun timings.

Zawal time in Strabla ends when the Dhuhr prayer timing starts. Zawal time in Strabla starts at 11:25 AM and ends at 12:29 PM. Today, sunrise time in Strabla starts at 04:02 AM and will end at 04:17 AM. Find all the prayer timings in Strabla including salah, Zawal, and Makrooh. There are other timings to the cities in the Poland including Wroclaw, Bydgoszcz, Lodz, Lublin, Krakow, Warsaw, Gdansk, Katowice, Poznan, Szczecin and many others.

Sunrise Time in Strabla
Today sunrise time in Strabla is 04:02 AM
Zawal time in Strabla
Today Zawal time in Strabla start at 11:25 AM
Zuhr Time start in Strabla
Today Strabla zuhr time starts at 12:29 PM

The zawal time is also called the middle point between the two extremes of sunrise and sunset. Zawal time is observed before and after the sun reaches its highest point. The Zuhr prayer time in Strabla starts when Zawal time in Strabla ends. The duration of Zawal time lasts from 30 to 40 minutes.

Find more about the Zawal time in Strabla as well as other Islamic prayers in Strabla. Additionally, you can find the sunrise times in Strabla for today.

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