Today's Sehr o Iftar Time

13 Dhul-Hijjah 1442
23 Jul 202104:34 AM9:24 PM
Fiqa Jafria: Sehr 04:24 AM  Iftar 09:34 PM
Les Escaldes Prayer Time


Date Day Sehr Iftar
13 April Tuesday 05:34 am 8:35 pm
14 April Wednesday 05:32 am 8:36 pm
15 April Thursday 05:30 am 8:37 pm
16 April Friday 05:28 am 8:38 pm
17 April Saturday 05:26 am 8:39 pm
18 April Sunday 05:24 am 8:40 pm
19 April Monday 05:22 am 8:41 pm
20 April Tuesday 05:20 am 8:42 pm
21 April Wednesday 05:18 am 8:44 pm
22 April Thursday 05:16 am 8:45 pm
23 April Friday 05:14 am 8:46 pm
24 April Saturday 05:12 am 8:47 pm
25 April Sunday 05:10 am 8:48 pm
26 April Monday 05:08 am 8:49 pm
27 April Tuesday 05:06 am 8:50 pm
28 April Wednesday 05:04 am 8:51 pm
29 April Thursday 05:02 am 8:53 pm
30 April Friday 05:00 am 8:54 pm
01 May Saturday 04:58 am 8:55 pm
02 May Sunday 04:56 am 8:56 pm
03 May Monday 04:54 am 8:57 pm
04 May Tuesday 04:52 am 8:58 pm
05 May Wednesday 04:50 am 8:59 pm
06 May Thursday 04:48 am 9:00 pm
07 May Friday 04:47 am 9:02 pm
08 May Saturday 04:45 am 9:03 pm
09 May Sunday 04:43 am 9:04 pm
10 May Monday 04:41 am 9:05 pm
11 May Tuesday 04:39 am 9:06 pm
12 May Wednesday 04:38 am 9:07 pm

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Les Escaldes Ramadan Timing 2021

Les Escaldes Ramadan Timings – In the five Pillars of Islam, Fasting (Roza) is considered as the fourth pillar, for the followers of Prophet Muhammad (S.A.W), Roza has a great importance. Like Namaz, the few verses of Holy Qur’an also show the importance of Roza, its virtue and also the badness for those who deny the importance of Fasting in Islam. Ramadan is all important and a month long religious event where a majority of Muslim worldwide have fasting during a daytime, offer all the five times Salah timely including Taraweeh Prayer and Tahajud as well. To keep all the Ramadan activities on time the Ramadan Schedule is all good for the Muslims.

Les Escaldes Ramadan Times - The whole Muslim Ummah shows their anxiousness and potential to keep Roza for the month of Ramadan before a month ago and tries to keep ready for this month for that this Les Escaldes Ramadan Calendar 2021 is the best platform to provide the Sehr 0 Iftar timings of various cities with country wise arrangement updated online on this page. This Les Escaldes Ramadan timings page gives you the best online services which you can access in any internet devices and also Bookmark in your desktop to open it in just one click. It literally helpful to make an alarm early before the Sehr time to wake up and perform the Sehri Sunnah easily and helps to perform Iftari with your loving family according to the Sehr O Iftar time.

Les Escaldes Ramadan Timing 2021 - Find Ramadan (رمضان) Calendar and Timetable 2021 along with Today 23 Jul, 2021 (13 Dhul-Hijjah 1442) Sehri & Iftari Timing of Les Escaldes.
Les Escaldes Ramadan Timings are as follow: SEHAR Time: 04:34 AM and IFTAR Time: 9:24 PM. According to Fiqa Jafria Sehri & Iftari Timings are as follows: SEHAR Time: 04:24 AM and IFTAR Time: 09:34 PM. Islamuna.com developed Ramadan calendar especially for Les Escaldes for all fiqh and sect.