Calgary Prayers Times

Fajr 3:33 AM
Sunrise 5:33 AM
Dhuhr 1:33 PM
Asr 5:50 PM
Maghrib 9:35 PM
Isha 11:34 PM
25 May, 2024
Calgary Fasting Time

Calgary Prayer Times 2024 - Canada

25, 2024 (17 Dhulqaada 1445) Today Calgary prayer times are Fajr Time 3:33 AM, Dhuhr Time 1:33 PM, Asr Time 5:50 PM, Maghrib Time 9:35 PM and Isha Time 11:34 PM. Today's Calgary prayer times are according to the Islamic Date. Check Calgary salah calendar and schedule prayer time for 7 days and 30 days for the convenience of Muslims.

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Next 30 Days Calgary Prayer Times

Date Fajr Sunrise Dhuhr Asr Maghrib Isha
May 25 3:33 AM 5:33 AM 1:33 PM 5:50 PM 9:35 PM 11:34 PM
May 26 3:33 AM 5:32 AM 1:33 PM 5:51 PM 9:36 PM 11:35 PM
May 27 3:32 AM 5:31 AM 1:34 PM 5:51 PM 9:37 PM 11:36 PM
May 28 3:32 AM 5:30 AM 1:34 PM 5:52 PM 9:38 PM 11:36 PM
May 29 3:31 AM 5:29 AM 1:34 PM 5:52 PM 9:39 PM 11:37 PM
May 30 3:31 AM 5:28 AM 1:34 PM 5:53 PM 9:41 PM 11:37 PM
May 31 3:31 AM 5:27 AM 1:34 PM 5:53 PM 9:42 PM 11:38 PM
Jun 01 3:30 AM 5:26 AM 1:34 PM 5:53 PM 9:43 PM 11:39 PM
Jun 02 3:30 AM 5:26 AM 1:34 PM 5:54 PM 9:44 PM 11:39 PM
Jun 03 3:30 AM 5:25 AM 1:35 PM 5:54 PM 9:45 PM 11:40 PM
Jun 04 3:30 AM 5:24 AM 1:35 PM 5:55 PM 9:46 PM 11:40 PM
Jun 05 3:30 AM 5:24 AM 1:35 PM 5:55 PM 9:47 PM 11:41 PM
Jun 06 3:29 AM 5:23 AM 1:35 PM 5:56 PM 9:47 PM 11:41 PM
Jun 07 3:29 AM 5:23 AM 1:35 PM 5:56 PM 9:48 PM 11:42 PM
Jun 08 3:29 AM 5:22 AM 1:36 PM 5:56 PM 9:49 PM 11:42 PM
Jun 09 3:29 AM 5:22 AM 1:36 PM 5:57 PM 9:50 PM 11:43 PM
Jun 10 3:29 AM 5:22 AM 1:36 PM 5:57 PM 9:50 PM 11:43 PM
Jun 11 3:29 AM 5:21 AM 1:36 PM 5:57 PM 9:51 PM 11:44 PM
Jun 12 3:29 AM 5:21 AM 1:36 PM 5:58 PM 9:52 PM 11:44 PM
Jun 13 3:29 AM 5:21 AM 1:37 PM 5:58 PM 9:52 PM 11:45 PM
Jun 14 3:29 AM 5:21 AM 1:37 PM 5:58 PM 9:53 PM 11:45 PM
Jun 15 3:29 AM 5:21 AM 1:37 PM 5:59 PM 9:53 PM 11:45 PM
Jun 16 3:29 AM 5:21 AM 1:37 PM 5:59 PM 9:54 PM 11:46 PM
Jun 17 3:29 AM 5:21 AM 1:37 PM 5:59 PM 9:54 PM 11:46 PM
Jun 18 3:29 AM 5:21 AM 1:38 PM 6:00 PM 9:54 PM 11:46 PM
Jun 19 3:29 AM 5:21 AM 1:38 PM 6:00 PM 9:55 PM 11:46 PM
Jun 20 3:30 AM 5:21 AM 1:38 PM 6:00 PM 9:55 PM 11:47 PM
Jun 21 3:30 AM 5:21 AM 1:38 PM 6:00 PM 9:55 PM 11:47 PM
Jun 22 3:30 AM 5:22 AM 1:39 PM 6:00 PM 9:55 PM 11:47 PM

* All Timings are Beginning Times

Calculation Methods Latitude /  Longitude: Juristic Methods
University of Islamic Sciences, Karachi 51.0833 / -114.0833 Hanafi (Method & Fiqah)
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Calgary Prayer Times (May 25, 2024)

Calgary Prayer Timings – In the five basic pillars of Islam, Namaz (Salah) is considered as the second more important pillar, in Qur’an there are about seven hundred different places which show the importance of Namaz in Islam. Internet facilitates in every sort of life and makes our life style easier so, being a Muslim Ummah, why we don’t get the quick helps for the internet in religious things, internet helps in striving to enlighten people with the knowledge of the Qur’an and Sunnah of the Prophet Muhammad (S.A.W) to provide the services for the Islamic point of view and be a part to spread the Islamic knowledge and info.

Calgary Prayer Times أوقات الصلاة – This Namaz time page is very useful for the Muslims, here you get the prayer timings of all the cities and districts of various countries either Muslim or Non-Muslim to get the all five times prayers according to the current schedule of Salah time in your location. This page provides the Calgary Namaz Time with Sunrise to give the quick services for the citizens of Calgary with the help of it they can offer Salah on time. The resident of Calgary can Bookmark this page in your laptops and other internet devices to get the updated timings when you visit.

Calgary Prayer Time is important to know daily by the residents of Calgary to perform daily their prayers (صلوٰۃ - نماز). Daily Calgary Prayer Times include Fajar Times at 3:33 AM, Dhuhur / Zuhur Prayer Time at 1:33 PM, Asr Prayer Time at 5:50 PM, Maghrib Prayer Time at 9:35 PM and Isha Prayer Time at 11:34 PM in Calgary. Muslim worldwide performs five Prayers daily and it is must to know the legitimate prayer time of each prayer. Users can find here Calgary prayer time monthly, weekly and for 30 days. There is also Yearly Calendar for Calgary Prayer Times.

Canada is a multicultural and diverse country with a significant Muslim population. Muslims in Calgary have access to numerous mosques, Islamic centers, and prayer facilities, which allows them to adhere to their religious obligations, including prayer times.

Muslims can access Calgary prayer time schedules through various Islamic organizations, including the Islamic Association of North West Calgary, Calgary Islamic Center, and Al-Madinah Calgary Islamic Assembly. These organizations provide updated prayer times based on the local area and have designated Fajr time, Dhuhr time, Asr time, Maghrib time, and Isha time Calgary with fluctuation in minutes on daily basis. The Muslim community in Calgary takes their religious obligations seriously and strives to adhere to prayer times as much as possible.

How do prayer times assist Calgary Muslims?

The prayer times Calgary vary each day based on the sunrise and sunset times, and they are different in each city and region of Canada. Therefore, Muslims in Calgary need to have accurate and reliable prayer time schedules to know the exact times for each prayer.

Prayer times assist Calgary Muslims in several ways. They provide a routine and structure to their daily lives. By praying Salah at specific Fajr time, Dhuhr time, Asr time, Maghrib time and Isha time fulfill their religious obligations. By praying at the prescribed times, they demonstrate their submission to Allah and their commitment to their religion. Times throughout the day, Muslims can create a sense of discipline and regularity in their lives, which can have a positive impact on their overall well-being.

Payer times allow Muslims to connect with their faith and fulfill their religious obligations. By praying at the prescribed times, they demonstrate their submission to Allah and their commitment to their religion.

How do Muslims determine prayer times in Calgary?

There are several methods to calculate the Calgary prayer times, but the most common one is using the Islamic prayer time calculation method called the "Umm al-Qura" method, which is based on the astronomical calculation of the position of the sun.

In Calgary, there are several resources available for Muslims to determine Fajr time, Dhuhr time, Asr time, Maghrib time, and Isha times, including online prayer time calculators, Islamic mobile apps, and local Islamic centers or mosques that often provide printed schedules of the daily prayer times for the community.

Calgary Prayer Times Today

Prayer Time in Calgary for Saturday 25 May 2024 are:

Fajr Time Calgary: 3:33 AM
Zuhr Time Calgary: 1:33 PM
Asr Time Calgary: 5:50 PM
Maghrib Time Calgary: 9:35 PM
Isha Time Calgary: 11:34 PM

Today Calgary Prayer End Times

These prayer timings are updated on 25 May 2024

Fajr Last Time Calgary: 5:33 AM
Zuhr Last Time Calgary: 5:50 PM
Asr Last Time Calgary: 9:35 PM
Maghrib Last Time Calgary: 11:34 PM
Isha Last Time Calgary: 3:33 AM

Q: What is Fajr time in Calgary?

A: Fajr time in Calgary is 3:33 AM that includes 4 Rakats, 2 Farz and 2 Sunnah. Fajr time in Calgary lasts until sunrise at 5:33 AM.

Q: When is Zuhr time in Calgary?

A: Zuhr time in Calgary is 1:33 PM. Zuhr prayer involves 4 Sunnah, 4 Farz, 2 Sunnah, and 2 nafl rakats. Calgary Zuhr time ends before Asr at 5:50 PM.

Q: What is Asr time in Calgary?

A: Asr time in Calgary starts at 5:50 PM and comprises 4 Sunnat and 4 Farz rakats. Asr time in ends before Maghrib prayer at 9:35 PM.

Q: When is Maghrib time in Calgary?

A: Maghrib time in Calgary is 9:35 PM, including 3 Farz, 2 Sunnat, and 2 Nafl rakats. Calgary Maghrib time ends before Isha at 11:34 PM.

Q: What is Isha time in Calgary?

A: Isha time in Calgary is 11:34 PM. Isha prayer consists of 4 Sunnah, 4 Farz, 2 Sunnah, 2 Nafl, 3 Witr, and 2 Nafl rakats. Calgary Isha time ends before Fajr at 3:33 AM.

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I am a Canadian national, in a growing state of learning about my prayers. Cross the assigned age of learning about it so it is still a beginning. Massive support for me to adjust my routine accordingly

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Prayer timing are the first important thing in Islam that is necessary for a Muslim to consider while praying. Get the prayer timings for the Calgary city which is really helpful and gives me the amazing information

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I recently came across Islamuna, an amazing page with all the content pertaining to Islam. This makes it easier for me to regularly check prayer times and other important religious occasions.

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Five times prayers ina day and night are designated for the unique Salah requirement. . It emphasises how closely religion and daily living are related. Allah should be the first priority of Muslims.

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The Mosques in Calgary are beautifully built. Any Muslim living in Calgary, Canada is a hub to many Muslims. Muslims living in Canada follow all their Islamic festival and occasions with each other.

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For a Muslim it is important that he follows all the Islamic rituals and teachings that is being taught to them in schools or any Islamic institutution.

  • Bilawal , calgary
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Prayer is also a method to thank Allah and a source of endurance, bravery, hope, and confidence. It also promotes inner peace, stability, equality, and unity.

  • Momina , Calgary
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The second of Islam's Five Pillars is salah. Muslims are said to believe that they should offer five prayers each day. Prayer is significant because it enables Muslims to interact with Allah.

  • Cheema , calgary
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The timings of each prayer window change during the day and year. With the exception of morning prayer, the commencement of the next prayer signifies the end of each prayer. In Islam, there are 5 types of prayers. Additionally, some of the sorts of prayers include nafl or optional and mandatory.

  • Rubina, Calgary
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Wudu or Ablution, is followed in the prayer practise. Before praying, one should cleanse their body. This is a significant Islamic practise since it helps to purify the body.

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Prayer reminds us of the essence of our existence and connects us directly to Allah. It underlines the close relationship between religion and daily living. From an Islamic perspective, life should be oriented toward Allah.

  • Nabeel , calgary
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Prayer ritual follows wudu, known as ablution. It cleanse the body before offering prayers. This is an important activity in Islam as it purifies the body. Another most important factor to consider while praying is facing the right direction while praying which is known as Qibla.

  • Sadia, calgary
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