Mississauga Prayers Times

Fajr 5:09 AM
Sunrise 6:33 AM
Dhuhr 1:18 PM
Asr 5:04 PM
Maghrib 8:03 PM
Isha 9:27 PM
16 Apr, 2024
Mississauga Fasting Time

Mississauga Prayer Times 2024 - Canada

16, 2024 (6 Shawwal 1445) Today Mississauga prayer times are Fajr Time 5:09 AM, Dhuhr Time 1:18 PM, Asr Time 5:04 PM, Maghrib Time 8:03 PM and Isha Time 9:27 PM. Today's Mississauga prayer times are according to the Islamic Date. Check Mississauga salah calendar and schedule prayer time for 7 days and 30 days for the convenience of Muslims.

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Next 30 Days Mississauga Prayer Times

Date Fajr Sunrise Dhuhr Asr Maghrib Isha
Apr 16 5:09 AM 6:33 AM 1:18 PM 5:04 PM 8:03 PM 9:27 PM
Apr 17 5:07 AM 6:32 AM 1:17 PM 5:04 PM 8:04 PM 9:29 PM
Apr 18 5:05 AM 6:30 AM 1:17 PM 5:04 PM 8:05 PM 9:30 PM
Apr 19 5:03 AM 6:29 AM 1:17 PM 5:05 PM 8:06 PM 9:32 PM
Apr 20 5:01 AM 6:27 AM 1:17 PM 5:05 PM 8:07 PM 9:33 PM
Apr 21 4:59 AM 6:25 AM 1:17 PM 5:06 PM 8:08 PM 9:35 PM
Apr 22 4:57 AM 6:24 AM 1:16 PM 5:06 PM 8:10 PM 9:36 PM
Apr 23 4:56 AM 6:22 AM 1:16 PM 5:06 PM 8:11 PM 9:38 PM
Apr 24 4:54 AM 6:21 AM 1:16 PM 5:07 PM 8:12 PM 9:39 PM
Apr 25 4:52 AM 6:19 AM 1:16 PM 5:07 PM 8:13 PM 9:41 PM
Apr 26 4:50 AM 6:18 AM 1:16 PM 5:08 PM 8:14 PM 9:42 PM
Apr 27 4:48 AM 6:16 AM 1:16 PM 5:08 PM 8:15 PM 9:44 PM
Apr 28 4:46 AM 6:15 AM 1:15 PM 5:08 PM 8:17 PM 9:46 PM
Apr 29 4:44 AM 6:13 AM 1:15 PM 5:09 PM 8:18 PM 9:47 PM
Apr 30 4:42 AM 6:12 AM 1:15 PM 5:09 PM 8:19 PM 9:49 PM
May 01 4:41 AM 6:11 AM 1:15 PM 5:09 PM 8:20 PM 9:50 PM
May 02 4:39 AM 6:09 AM 1:15 PM 5:10 PM 8:21 PM 9:52 PM
May 03 4:37 AM 6:08 AM 1:15 PM 5:10 PM 8:22 PM 9:54 PM
May 04 4:35 AM 6:07 AM 1:15 PM 5:10 PM 8:23 PM 9:55 PM
May 05 4:33 AM 6:05 AM 1:15 PM 5:11 PM 8:25 PM 9:57 PM
May 06 4:32 AM 6:04 AM 1:15 PM 5:11 PM 8:26 PM 9:58 PM
May 07 4:30 AM 6:03 AM 1:15 PM 5:12 PM 8:27 PM 10:00 PM
May 08 4:28 AM 6:02 AM 1:14 PM 5:12 PM 8:28 PM 10:02 PM
May 09 4:27 AM 6:00 AM 1:14 PM 5:12 PM 8:29 PM 10:03 PM
May 10 4:25 AM 5:59 AM 1:14 PM 5:13 PM 8:30 PM 10:05 PM
May 11 4:23 AM 5:58 AM 1:14 PM 5:13 PM 8:31 PM 10:06 PM
May 12 4:22 AM 5:57 AM 1:14 PM 5:13 PM 8:32 PM 10:08 PM
May 13 4:20 AM 5:56 AM 1:14 PM 5:14 PM 8:33 PM 10:09 PM
May 14 4:19 AM 5:55 AM 1:14 PM 5:14 PM 8:34 PM 10:11 PM

* All Timings are Beginning Times

Calculation Methods Latitude /  Longitude: Juristic Methods
University of Islamic Sciences, Karachi 43.15 / -79.5 Hanafi (Method & Fiqah)
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Mississauga Prayer Times (April 16, 2024)

Mississauga Prayer Timings – In the five basic pillars of Islam, Namaz (Salah) is considered as the second more important pillar, in Qur’an there are about seven hundred different places which show the importance of Namaz in Islam. Internet facilitates in every sort of life and makes our life style easier so, being a Muslim Ummah, why we don’t get the quick helps for the internet in religious things, internet helps in striving to enlighten people with the knowledge of the Qur’an and Sunnah of the Prophet Muhammad (S.A.W) to provide the services for the Islamic point of view and be a part to spread the Islamic knowledge and info.

Mississauga Prayer Times أوقات الصلاة – This Namaz time page is very useful for the Muslims, here you get the prayer timings of all the cities and districts of various countries either Muslim or Non-Muslim to get the all five times prayers according to the current schedule of Salah time in your location. This page provides the Mississauga Namaz Time with Sunrise to give the quick services for the citizens of Mississauga with the help of it they can offer Salah on time. The resident of Mississauga can Bookmark this page in your laptops and other internet devices to get the updated timings when you visit.

Mississauga Prayer Time is important to know daily by the residents of Mississauga to perform daily their prayers (صلوٰۃ - نماز). Daily Mississauga Prayer Times include Fajar Times at 5:09 AM, Dhuhur / Zuhur Prayer Time at 1:18 PM, Asr Prayer Time at 5:04 PM, Maghrib Prayer Time at 8:03 PM and Isha Prayer Time at 9:27 PM in Mississauga. Muslim worldwide performs five Prayers daily and it is must to know the legitimate prayer time of each prayer. Users can find here Mississauga prayer time monthly, weekly and for 30 days. There is also Yearly Calendar for Mississauga Prayer Times.

Mississauga is a multicultural city with a diverse population, and there may be variations in how different communities and individuals observe Mississauga prayer times. Generally, Muslims in Mississauga follow the five daily prayer times as prescribed in Islamic tradition. which are Fajr time offered at Dawn, Dhuhr time offered at Midday

While some Muslims may miss prayers due to work or other commitments, many make an effort to prioritize prayer and follow the timings as closely as possible. Additionally, many Muslims in Mississauga have developed networks of support within their local communities to help them maintain their religious practices, including prayer.

How do prayer times assist Mississauga Muslims?

First and foremost, prayer times Mississauga provide structure and discipline to a Muslim's daily life. Muslims are required to perform five daily prayers, which are spread out throughout the day from dawn until late evening. This schedule helps Muslims to organize their day around prayer, giving them a sense of routine and purpose.

Prayer times also serve as a reminder for Muslims in Mississauga to pause their daily activities and reflect on their relationship with God. Through prayer, Muslims seek forgiveness, guidance, and blessings from Allah, and daily fajr time, Dhuhr time, Asr time, Maghrib time, and Isha time Mississauga provide them with regular opportunities to renew their faith.

Finally, prayer times assist Mississauga Muslims in maintaining their spiritual well-being. Regular prayer is seen as a means of purifying the heart and soul, and it can provide a sense of peace and calm amidst life's challenges. In a busy and stressful city like Mississauga, prayer times offer Muslims a chance to find tranquility and focus amidst the hustle and bustle of daily life.

How do Muslims determine prayer times in Mississauga?

Muslims in Mississauga, as well as in other parts of the world, determine prayer times based on the position of the sun in the sky. This is done using a set of guidelines laid out by Islamic scholars that take into account the location of the city, the time of year, and other factors

There are five daily prayers that Muslims perform on time: Fajr time is before dawn, Dhuhr Time is at midday, Asr Time is mid-afternoon, Maghrib time is just after sunset, and Isha time is at night time. The exact times for each of these prayers can vary depending on the time of year and the location of the city.

It's worth noting that prayer times Mississauga are not fixed to the minute and can sometimes vary slightly depending on the method used to determine them. However, Muslims in Mississauga will generally aim to perform their prayers as close to the designated time as possible, by Islamic tradition.

Mississauga Prayer Times Today

Prayer Time in Mississauga for Tuesday 16 Apr 2024 are:

Fajr Time Mississauga: 5:09 AM
Zuhr Time Mississauga: 1:18 PM
Asr Time Mississauga: 5:04 PM
Maghrib Time Mississauga: 8:03 PM
Isha Time Mississauga: 9:27 PM

Today Mississauga Prayer End Times

These prayer timings are updated on 16 Apr 2024

Fajr Last Time Mississauga: 6:33 AM
Zuhr Last Time Mississauga: 5:04 PM
Asr Last Time Mississauga: 8:03 PM
Maghrib Last Time Mississauga: 9:27 PM
Isha Last Time Mississauga: 5:09 AM

Q: What is Fajr time in Mississauga?

A: Fajr time in Mississauga is 5:09 AM that includes 4 Rakats, 2 Farz and 2 Sunnah. Fajr time in Mississauga lasts until sunrise at 6:33 AM.

Q: When is Zuhr time in Mississauga?

A: Zuhr time in Mississauga is 1:18 PM. Zuhr prayer involves 4 Sunnah, 4 Farz, 2 Sunnah, and 2 nafl rakats. Mississauga Zuhr time ends before Asr at 5:04 PM.

Q: What is Asr time in Mississauga?

A: Asr time in Mississauga starts at 5:04 PM and comprises 4 Sunnat and 4 Farz rakats. Asr time in ends before Maghrib prayer at 8:03 PM.

Q: When is Maghrib time in Mississauga?

A: Maghrib time in Mississauga is 8:03 PM, including 3 Farz, 2 Sunnat, and 2 Nafl rakats. Mississauga Maghrib time ends before Isha at 9:27 PM.

Q: What is Isha time in Mississauga?

A: Isha time in Mississauga is 9:27 PM. Isha prayer consists of 4 Sunnah, 4 Farz, 2 Sunnah, 2 Nafl, 3 Witr, and 2 Nafl rakats. Mississauga Isha time ends before Fajr at 5:09 AM.

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Each Muslim prays individually to Allah. Muslim pray before bathing. They do this by performing wudhu. Laundries are in mosques.

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If you live in Mississauga, Ontario, you can simply find the prayer times for the entire city online. The city has established five separate prayer times throughout the day.

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