Birmingham Prayers Times

Fajr 04:32
Sunrise 06:04
Dhuhr 13:12
Asr 16:57
Maghrib 20:12
Isha 21:27
16 Apr, 2024
Birmingham Fasting Time

Birmingham Prayer Times 2024 - United Kingdom

16, 2024 (6 Shawwal 1445) Today Birmingham prayer times are Fajr Time 04:32, Dhuhr Time 13:12, Asr Time 16:57, Maghrib Time 20:12 and Isha Time 21:27 . Today's Birmingham prayer times are according to the Islamic Date. Check Birmingham salah calendar and schedule prayer time for 7 days and 30 days for the convenience of Muslims.

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Next 30 Days Birmingham Prayer Times

Date Fajr Sunrise Dhuhr Asr Maghrib Isha
Apr 16 04:32AM 06:04 AM 1:12 PM 4:57 PM 8:12 PM 9:27 PM
Apr 17 04:30AM 06:02 AM 1:12 PM 4:57 PM 8:14 PM 9:28 PM
Apr 18 04:27AM 06:00 AM 1:12 PM 4:58 PM 8:15 PM 9:29 PM
Apr 19 04:25AM 05:58 AM 1:12 PM 4:59 PM 8:17 PM 9:31 PM
Apr 20 04:22AM 05:55 AM 1:12 PM 5:00 PM 8:19 PM 9:33 PM
Apr 21 04:19AM 05:53 AM 1:11 PM 5:01 PM 8:21 PM 9:35 PM
Apr 22 04:17AM 05:51 AM 1:11 PM 5:01 PM 8:22 PM 9:36 PM
Apr 23 04:15AM 05:49 AM 1:11 PM 5:02 PM 8:24 PM 9:37 PM
Apr 24 04:12AM 05:47 AM 1:11 PM 5:03 PM 8:26 PM 9:39 PM
Apr 25 04:10AM 05:45 AM 1:11 PM 5:04 PM 8:28 PM 9:41 PM
Apr 26 04:08AM 05:43 AM 1:10 PM 5:04 PM 8:29 PM 9:41 PM
Apr 27 04:05AM 05:41 AM 1:10 PM 5:05 PM 8:31 PM 9:43 PM
Apr 28 04:03AM 05:39 AM 1:10 PM 5:06 PM 8:33 PM 9:45 PM
Apr 29 04:00AM 05:36 AM 1:10 PM 5:07 PM 8:35 PM 9:45 PM
Apr 30 03:57AM 05:34 AM 1:10 PM 5:07 PM 8:36 PM 9:46 PM
May 01 03:55AM 05:33 AM 1:10 PM 5:08 PM 8:38 PM 9:43 PM
May 02 03:53AM 05:31 AM 1:10 PM 5:09 PM 8:40 PM 9:42 PM
May 03 03:50AM 05:29 AM 1:10 PM 5:09 PM 8:41 PM 9:43 PM
May 04 03:48AM 05:27 AM 1:09 PM 5:10 PM 8:43 PM 9:40 PM
May 05 03:45AM 05:25 AM 1:09 PM 5:11 PM 8:45 PM 9:42 PM
May 06 03:43AM 05:23 AM 1:09 PM 5:12 PM 8:47 PM 9:44 PM
May 07 03:40AM 05:21 AM 1:09 PM 5:12 PM 8:48 PM 9:50 PM
May 08 03:38AM 05:19 AM 1:09 PM 5:13 PM 8:50 PM 9:52 PM
May 09 03:36AM 05:18 AM 1:09 PM 5:14 PM 8:52 PM 9:57 PM
May 10 03:34AM 05:16 AM 1:09 PM 5:14 PM 8:53 PM 9:58 PM
May 11 03:31AM 05:14 AM 1:09 PM 5:15 PM 8:55 PM 10:02 PM
May 12 03:29AM 05:12 AM 1:09 PM 5:16 PM 8:57 PM 10:04 PM
May 13 03:27AM 05:11 AM 1:09 PM 5:16 PM 8:58 PM 10:08 PM
May 14 03:25AM 05:09 AM 1:09 PM 5:17 PM 9:00 PM 10:10 PM
May 15 03:23AM 05:08 AM 1:09 PM 5:17 PM 9:01 PM 10:11 PM

* All Timings are Beginning Times

Calculation Methods Latitude /  Longitude:
London Central Mosque 52.4768 / -1.9341
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Birmingham Prayer Times (April 16, 2024)

Birmingham Prayer Timings – In the five basic pillars of Islam, Namaz (Salah) is considered as the second more important pillar, in Qur’an there are about seven hundred different places which show the importance of Namaz in Islam. Internet facilitates in every sort of life and makes our life style easier so, being a Muslim Ummah, why we don’t get the quick helps for the internet in religious things, internet helps in striving to enlighten people with the knowledge of the Qur’an and Sunnah of the Prophet Muhammad (S.A.W) to provide the services for the Islamic point of view and be a part to spread the Islamic knowledge and info.

Birmingham Prayer Times أوقات الصلاة – This Namaz time page is very useful for the Muslims, here you get the prayer timings of all the cities and districts of various countries either Muslim or Non-Muslim to get the all five times prayers according to the current schedule of Salah time in your location. This page provides the Birmingham Namaz Time with Sunrise to give the quick services for the citizens of Birmingham with the help of it they can offer Salah on time. The resident of Birmingham can Bookmark this page in your laptops and other internet devices to get the updated timings when you visit.

Birmingham Prayer Time is important to know daily by the residents of Birmingham to perform daily their prayers (صلوٰۃ - نماز). Daily Birmingham Prayer Times include Fajar Times at 04:32, Dhuhur / Zuhur Prayer Time at 13:12, Asr Prayer Time at 16:57, Maghrib Prayer Time at 20:12 and Isha Prayer Time at 21:27 in Birmingham. Muslim worldwide performs five Prayers daily and it is must to know the legitimate prayer time of each prayer. Users can find here Birmingham prayer time monthly, weekly and for 30 days. There is also Yearly Calendar for Birmingham Prayer Times.

Birmingham Prayer Times Today

Prayer Time in Birmingham for Tuesday 16 Apr 2024 are:

Fajr Time Birmingham: 04:32
Zuhr Time Birmingham: 13:12
Asr Time Birmingham: 16:57
Maghrib Time Birmingham: 20:12
Isha Time Birmingham: 21:27

Today Birmingham Prayer End Times

These prayer timings are updated on 16 Apr 2024

Fajr Last Time Birmingham: 06:04
Zuhr Last Time Birmingham: 16:57
Asr Last Time Birmingham: 20:12
Maghrib Last Time Birmingham: 21:27
Isha Last Time Birmingham: 04:32

Q: What is Fajr time in Birmingham?

A: Fajr time in Birmingham is 04:32 that includes 4 Rakats, 2 Farz and 2 Sunnah. Fajr time in Birmingham lasts until sunrise at 06:04.

Q: When is Zuhr time in Birmingham?

A: Zuhr time in Birmingham is 13:12. Zuhr prayer involves 4 Sunnah, 4 Farz, 2 Sunnah, and 2 nafl rakats. Birmingham Zuhr time ends before Asr at 16:57.

Q: What is Asr time in Birmingham?

A: Asr time in Birmingham starts at 16:57 and comprises 4 Sunnat and 4 Farz rakats. Asr time in ends before Maghrib prayer at 20:12 .

Q: When is Maghrib time in Birmingham?

A: Maghrib time in Birmingham is 20:12 , including 3 Farz, 2 Sunnat, and 2 Nafl rakats. Birmingham Maghrib time ends before Isha at 21:27 .

Q: What is Isha time in Birmingham?

A: Isha time in Birmingham is 21:27 . Isha prayer consists of 4 Sunnah, 4 Farz, 2 Sunnah, 2 Nafl, 3 Witr, and 2 Nafl rakats. Birmingham Isha time ends before Fajr at 04:32.

Comments: Birmingham Prayer Times

Prayers time moves around the clock and can center your thoughts so start the prayer with an initial prayer that will be maghrib as per my teachings. The Islamic day starts after Sunrise while the International dates start after midday

  • Naheed, Birmingham
  • Sat 04 Mar

Now I don’t have to get any trouble to get check out the authentic schedule about the Birmingham city prayers timing because here is the whole schedule available

  • Raheel, Birmingham
  • Mon 13 Feb

I can check quick entire schedule of Birmingham Prayer Times. now that everyone can easily check that with every authentic detail about pray. It is so good to see that you have remembered the Prayer Times

  • Najeeb, Birmingham
  • Tue 10 Jan

I frequently use this website as it gives me information about the prayer time in Birmingham. It is good for all the Muslims. and this is really good to see the complete schedule of Birmingham Prayer Times

  • Jibran, Birmingham
  • Sat 17 Dec

The Internet is helpful in every aspect of life and makes our way of life simpler with the great info.

  • Simreen, Birmingham
  • Mon 12 Dec

The authentic schedule of Today Birmingham Pray timing that mine whole family can easily check that from this online way with the whole updated schedule

  • Osama, Birmingham
  • Mon 12 Dec

In 2018, 27% of the Birmingham population identified themselves as Muslim. This is significantly higher than the average for England and Wales of 4.8%.

  • Neha, Birmingham
  • Mon 12 Dec

Indeed internet helps in every aspects of our lives and this websites helps us as a resident of Birmingham and as a part of Muslim community to check all the namaz timings from here

  • Nabiha, Birmingham
  • Thu 08 Dec

The Birmingham City Prayer Timing Schedule is there, and we may easily remember it so that we can say the prayers at the appropriate time.

  • Samreen, Birmingham
  • Wed 07 Dec

This website is a good place to get the latest updates and information about the Birmingham prayer time. I have been using this site from years to check for prayer timings of Birmingham

  • Zeeshan, Birmingham
  • Wed 07 Dec

For the Muslims residential of Birmingham, this page brings the Birmingham Prayer timings schedule. With the help of this page, we can get the Prayer timings of both Fiqah very easily.

  • Kinza, Birmingham
  • Mon 05 Dec

Birmingham Prayer Timing on this page is very helpful to get up on time and offer Salah. I also saved this page because it is very helpful to all the family members.

  • Ghufran, Birmingham
  • Tue 29 Nov

There should be this one God who we thank for all the blessings in our lives. Prayers brings blessings in our life and we should always opt new ways to connect to Allah.

  • Dawud , Hounslow
  • Fri 11 Nov

Prayer timing in Birmingham mentioned here are all those timings accurate and according to the sun movement. Do they change daily and are updated regularly.

  • Noman Qadir , Birmingham
  • Tue 01 Nov

A Muslim who is performing these prayers will carry out a whole series of predetermined movements that correspond with the words of the prayer since praying for a Muslim is connecting mind, soul, and body in worship.

  • Bajwa , Birmingham
  • Thu 06 Oct