United States Prayer Times Today

City Fajar Dhuhur Asr Maghrib Isha
Phoenix 4:16 am 12:35 pm 4:18 pm 7:34 pm 8:53 pm
Los Angeles 4:39 am 1:00 pm 4:44 pm 8:00 pm 9:20 pm
San Diego 4:39 am 12:55 pm 4:37 pm 7:53 pm 9:11 pm
Chicago 4:01 am 12:57 pm 4:56 pm 8:17 pm 9:52 pm
Brooklyn 4:13 am 1:02 pm 4:59 pm 8:19 pm 9:51 pm
Manhattan 4:12 am 1:02 pm 4:59 pm 8:20 pm 9:52 pm
New York City 4:13 am 1:03 pm 4:59 pm 8:20 pm 9:52 pm
Philadelphia 4:21 am 1:07 pm 5:03 pm 8:22 pm 9:53 pm
Houston 5:22 am 1:28 pm 5:04 pm 8:20 pm 9:34 pm
San Antonio 5:35 am 1:41 pm 5:16 pm 8:32 pm 9:46 pm
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Prayer Times on Islamuna.com

Prayer times are the specific moments during the day when Muslims perform their daily prayers, known as Salah. There are five prayers in Islam - Fajr before sunrise, Dhuhr after midday, Asr in the afternoon, Maghrib just after sunset, and Isha after twilight - are essential to Islamic practice. The Salah times are determined based on the position of the sun, with local mosques or Islamic apps helping individuals know when to engage in these acts of worship. It's a way for Muslims to connect with their faith regularly, marking moments of reflection and gratitude throughout the day. Every prayer is followed by a Rakat. There are three types of Salah: fard (compulsory), sunnah (tradition), and nafl (voluntary).

There are a few functions while conducting a proper salah prayer. To perform salah, qibla direction following postures and movements, and rituals (ablution) Muslims need to follow some steps that include qibla direction; following postures and movements; rituals (ablution). Prayer times are regarded and taken from the sun's movement.

To figure out today prayer timing in Islam, a combination of astronomical calculations and Juristic Methods is used. Local mosques and Islamic organizations play a role in providing accurate Salah timings, considering factors like location and daylight saving adjustments. Muslims all over the worlds take care of proper prayer timings.

Check accurate prayer time today 2024 for all cities of the world, including New York, Philadelphia, Toronto, Calgary, London, Birmingham, and many more. Look for prayer time today in respective region and city.